Since inception in 2007, Mercury Visual Solutions has progressed in every aspect of the media production and post-production processes; taking dramatic strides to continually push the boundaries of Production, Editing, Compositing, and 3D. All this was made possible by a carefully picked artist and employee, because Mercury’s strategy has always been emphasizing upon building a solid structure founded on the base of the “know how” as a competitive advantage in an ever evolving market, in addition to numerous strong connections with industry leading directors, DOPs, creative agencies and producers.

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Ramadan 2015… An epic story written by Mercury with over:
1870 Shot, 460,000 Frame, 89% 3D rendered visual effects shots. Thousands of outsourced roto frames, and over 30,000 Man/Hour making all this come together, to give viewers in the Middle East one of the most visual effects filled seasons to enjoy. We have been with you in your favorite series such as: Ostaz we Raees Qesm, El-Kaboos, El-Ahd, Tareeqy and last three episodes of El Kbeer. But we didn’t feel that this was enough, so we were with you in El-Eid with some of the best movies that you can enjoy such as: Welad Rezk, Hayaty Mebahdela & El-Khalboos. In the last few months we animated snakes, cats, mice, ants, even astronauts. We created spaceships, trains, streets, squares, and whole cities. We have been an integral part of the drama, the comedy and all the moments that you loved in your favorite shows. Thank you to all our team, our partners, the production houses and TV channels that made all that possible, and above all, to every one of you for watching these shows and being here with us. This is our true celebrations. We are leading the Visual Effects market in the Middle East…And armed with passion and commitment, we will continue to do so.

Our Vision

Leading and raising the bar of media production industry in the Middle East, towards becoming an effective player in the global market and scene.

Our Mission

To provide the Egyptian & Regional markets with high-end media content/solutions, utilizing the latest in technology and the highest visual standards and trends.

Color Grading
Color Grading at Mercury VS ensures consistent image quality and protects the integrity of the look designed by the director and the D.O.P
Our colorists combine creativity and technical ability to ensure a memorable visual context for your project.
Our team uses tools including DVS Clipster in conjunction with our Color Grading Luster and DaVinci suits for our TV & Film divisions.
From Film and drama to sophisticated commercials, we provide our clients with Immersive breathtaking visuals that combine the latest in technology advancements with exquisite imagery.
Our Talented artists cover the full range of visual effects pipeline from roto-scoping to final composition and from modeling to final rendered images starting with strong and creative concept design, layout and matte painting.
Mercury VS offers full service, cost-effective Digital Cinema Package (“DCP”) conversion for customers interested in screening their films or presentations using world-class digital projectors in theatres worldwide.

If you have content (a feature, short, documentary, advertisement, presentation and anything in-between) and are looking to see it on the big screen then we’re here to help.

Pre visualization

Mercury Visual Solutions can pre-visualize shots and sequences, allowing its clients the freedom to explore ideas and options, this enables productions to achieve the best possible visual effects without compromising their schedules or their budgets. Pre-visualization allows directors and visual effects supervisors to experiment with staging, art direction, lighting, camera work, blocking, and even editing without having to incur the high costs associated with principal photography.

Art and Creative Direction
Mercury VS offers comprehensive creative and art services. Whether you need concept art, creative development, look development or storyboard designs; we are here to help you with full involvement and commitment throughout the production process.



On-set Supervision
Our experienced supervisors provide the production with on-set assistance & direction, collecting needed information that allows the visual effects magic to happen.





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