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Mercury Visual Solutions was approached by the production team of the upcoming Film “World War III”.  Starring Ahmed Fahmy, Hisham Maged, Chico and Donia Samir Ghanem as a guest star.
The movie is based on the film “Wax Museum” about a group of wax statues that turn into living breathing humans. The rather sophisticated character animation and visual effects scenes required was the main driving force after the choice of Mercury Visual Solutions.|Read More|
The highly successful hit show Sola in its 3rd session is still going stronger and ever more popular. With the charming voice of Asala and the creative vision of director Tarek Alarian, the show is going for a new look and identity that Mercury Visual Solution is proud to provide.
With its recently founded "Abu Dhabi" branch, Mercury is extending its services across the region, and is responsible for the show's impressive visual effects shots supervised by Mercury's visual effects supervisor "Yasser El-Naggar". The show continue to introduce new talents from the comfort of Asala's living room, and can be viewed on OSN and Abu Dhabi Satellite channels.


Exr-workshop: With this application you can view and do some stuff to EXR images Remember, the application is in beta stage right now. So it currently supports: Scan line and tiled UNCOMPRESSED images in the three modes (half, full float, integer). Display all the metadata information in the file header (including compressed images). Display images in a direct x window for a fast preview. Display each channel separately or in a combination with other channels. Any channel enable/disable option.  Alpha blending. |Read More|

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