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Al Gisser

In this show, Mercury’s VFX team executed some of the best world building and immersive Visual effects experience that ever came out from EGYPT and you can see it all, in the epic adventure Al Gisser (الجسر) from Shahid VIP A griping story set in a post apocalyptic world full of

drama, action and fantasy. The show is a huge flagship project lead by none other than Peter Mimi , and it will take the fantasy/sci-fi genre by storm. Available on ShahidVip Starring: Amr Saad , Nelly Karim , Mohamed Alaa Written by: Mohamed Soliman Abdul Malek Directed by: Peter Mimi  Mercury Visual Solutions - Yasser Naggar Production Director: Reem Kamal Vfx Supervisor: Kerolos Fayez Vfx Producer: Nada Sadiq Onset Vfx Supervisor: Mohamed Hemdan


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