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Mercury VFX Building
Our Story

Mercury Visual Solutions is an award winning Visual Effects & Post Production Powerhouse. With hundreds of projects in film, television, and live events under our belt, we have amazed audiences worldwide. Our mastery of visual storytelling & Creativity, along with the use of the latest technologies available has allowed us to consistently push the envelope in terms creating unforgettable experiences for our audiences. Since our inception in 2007, mercury visual solutions has helped pioneer the industry in our region and other markets such as Asia and the Mena region. We live and breath Media, VFX & post production. Our team of carefully selected artists, editors, production, and technology staff shares our passion towards creating setting new standards for our clientele. This has always been our competitive advantage in this ever evolving market.

Meet The Team
Yasser Managing Director

Yasser El-Naggar

Managing Director

Ahmed Kamal General Manager

Ahmed Kamal

General Manager

Reem Kamal Production Director

Reem Kamal

Production Director

Kerolos Fayez VFX Supervisor

Kerolos Fayez

VFX Supervisor

Nada Sadiq Senior Producer

Nada Sadiq

 Senior VFX Producer

Aya Fouda Senior Producer

Aya Fouda

VFX Producer

Ahmed El-Sherif Post Production TD

Ahmed El-Sherif

Post Production TD

Michael Fawzy VFX Lead

Michael Fawzy

Head Of Compositing

Mohamed Shakshouk HR Manager

Mohamed Shakshouk

HR Manager

Mohamed El-Gohry VFX Editor

Mohamed El-Gohry

VFX Editor

Mohamed Nazih Motion Graphics Director

Mohamed Nazih

Motion Graphics Director

Omir El-Tohamy Colorist

Omir El-Tohamy


VFX IT Manager

 Omar Wasefy System Engineer

Omar Wasefy

System Engineer

Mourad El-Rayan Post Producer

Mourad El-Rayan

Post Producer

Ayman Samir VFX IT Manager

Ayman Samir

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