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At Mercury Visual Solutions we have all the infrastructure and setup required for remote Davinci color grading sessions. A setup that our clients already utilized for projects such as “Yomeddine” feature film which was officially selected in Cannes Film Festival 2018 , and where their coloring artist was in the United States working remotely with them through our facility. So if you have a color grading superstar you wish to work with, there is no need to worry anymore about how to bring them to the middle east anymore, just contact us and we will set up everything for you.

You can choose to work with your favourite coloring artist, or just select one of our available remote coloring artists:

Shane Bartley

Film Colourist

Originally from Dublin and now based in Bangkok, Shane is a leading colourist and has worked on projects such as Ilo Ilo, Last Summer, Barber’s Tales, 5cm and #TemanTapiMenikah.


His career started at Screen Scene in Dublin, then on to MPC London and relocated to Bangkok, which now is his home base. He has worked with most of the leading post companies in Bangkok and traveled to other countries for freelance film projects. Through the years he honed and improved his skills to become one of the most talented colour artists.

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